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Behind The Name

The word “counterpoint” is a musical term that involves playing two separate melodies at the same time, creating a single harmonic melody. The strength of the counterpoint lies in the fact that the melodies are independent of one another but come together to offer something that is harmonically interdependent. Simply put – it is beautiful!

Our goal is to partner with business owners in offering virtual services and support that both strengthens and enables them to build highly successful businesses.

Our Story

Headshot of business owner and bookkeeper, Sonia Nelson

Sonia Nelson, Owner & Bookkeeper

I am a retired military spouse, homeschooling mom of four, and have been married for twenty-six years.

My first full-time job was working for a credit union, where I discovered my love of numbers. A military move later, I was again able to work for a credit union where I worked my way up to the accounting department and further broadened my skills.

Many years, military moves, and college courses later, I discovered Bookkeeper Launch, where I completed the course, gained other software certifications, and began my own virtual bookkeeping business in 2018.

QBO Certified ProAdvisor
Bookkeeper Launch (BL) Certificate of Completion